Hybrid Hypercar Two-Step: Jay Leno Drives the McLaren P1 in England [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″][/youtube]

Damn it,Leno! As if getting to drive thePorsche 918 Spyderin Monterey a few weeks ago wasn’t envy-inducing enough, you also had to go and try out theMcLaren P1recently, too! And before any other non-McLarenemployee, to boot! Granted, we understand that you’re a loyal customer since you already have one example each of McLaren’s previous two road cars (theF1and theMP4-12C), and that you already have a P1 on order and wanted to get a taste of what to expect when you take delivery of it. But visiting the factory? Man, that’s just rubbing it in, brah.

Oh, and Jay, there’s also the small matter of taking your test drive at theTop Gear Test Trackat Dunsfold. Yeah, you probably didn’t have any say in the matter, but really? If we were any greener right now, we’d buy a dog named Max, move into a cave atop the highest nearby mountain, and start talking in rhyme.

Source: YouTube