Hublot Big Bang Unico Italia Independent Redefines Composite [w/ Video]


High-end watches with cases made of carbon fiber aren’t unusual, nor are high-end watches with cases made of titanium, aluminum or other lightweight metals unusual. There are even some that use a mix of the two material types. However, we can’t think of any that combine metal and woven composite in the same way that this striking new piece from Hublot does.


Yes, the Hublot Big Bang Unico Italia Independent certainly looks like it’s made with carbon fiber, because it is. But that carbon fiber is in turn covered in an aluminum coating, resulting in a material called Texalium. For a mere (Nyuk! Nyuk!) $28,600, you get your choice of blue or gray coloring, a matching display case customized by Italia Independent, Hublot’s 330-piece HUB1242 Unico self-winding chronograph flyback movement with column wheel and 72-hour power reserve, and a color-matched rubber and denim(!) strap with carbon fiber clasp. Oh, and if you think you want one, you’d better hurry up and decide, because only 500 will be made.


Source: Hublot