HPerformance Audi TT RS is a Five-Pot Fireball

There are some sounds that just seem right coming from a particular brand of car: A V12 howl from a Ferrari. A low V8 rumble from a Corvette. And the offbeat flat-four burble from a Subaru. But not every car nerd seems to go ape-dookie upon hearing the odd-fire bark and turbo wastegate PSSSSSHH emanating from a boosted inline-five Audi. Granted, theirs is not the most melodious exhaust note, but whenever we hear it, we think of Group B Sport Quattros piloted by guys with names like Stig, Hannu and Walter (and gals named Michelle) flying over jumps and leaving flying gravel and boggled minds in their wakes, or Hans, Hurley and the gang bludgeoning their rear-drive competitors in Trans-Am and IMSA for just one year apiece before hasty rules rewrites outlawed all-wheel-drive. Now, thanks to HPerformance, we’re going to have yet another mental image when we hear that fünfzylinder dog whistle.


Starting with the already peppy Audi TT RS (based on the previous – i.e. second – generation TT), HPerformance has fitted the turbocharged 2.5L inline-five with a new turbocharger, exhaust manifold, intercooler, cold air intake, exhaust system, and high-flow fuel pump and injectors. They’ve also reprogrammed the ECU and installed a heavy duty clutch and carbon-ceramic brakes from the Audi R8; those last two parts are nice to have, considering the engine is now producing a claimed740 horsepower and 649 lb.-ft of torque. HPerformance isn’t quoting any performance figures but, with power and torque numbers like those, we’re guessing the acceleration and top speed figures are rather absurd.


If you’re dead-set on having HPerformance power up your TT RS, be prepared to pay out the nose, as the tuner is charging roughly $53,000 to duplicate the example pictured here (though we’re guessing a lot of you can live without the aftermarket wheels and the great big decals running along the flanks, so that might save you a few bucks). Your wallet will be hurting when it’s over, but if your tastes are anything like ours, your ears will be smiling.

Source: HPerformance