How to Drive to Save Your Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ferrari Crash

The fancy driving moves by James Bond and the cast of “The Fast and the Furious” may seem like they are only beneficial to spies and street racers, but advanced driving techniques may actually save your life. And even if you think you’re the ideal driver who keeps his or her hands locked on the wheel at 2 and 10, we’ve got some tips for you, too – the first one being that the safest hand position is now 3 and 9!

From the most effective way to deal with amateur drivers to regaining control of your vehicle when hydroplaning, these driving tips are valuable enough to be posted in your car – as well as the vehicles of your loved ones.

Lamborghini Gallardo Accident

We all know that automobile accidents happen every day. We either drive by a fender-bender on our way to work in the morning, hear about a turned-over vehicle on the radio, or, worst of all, experience the dreaded misfortune firsthand. There may certainly be a time when no matter how impressive your driving skills are, a car accident cannot be avoided. However, the better equipped you are with defensive driving tools, the more your chances for steering clear of a collision increase.

In this graphic, you’ll find out the best advice for driving in daily life as well as in emergencies. The how-tos for several 180-degree turns are covered, and even NASCAR driver Kyle Busch weighs in on the importance of having an escape route. In addition to avoiding dangerous drivers and road hazards, it’s equally important to know what to do if a natural disaster should strike. Whether rainwaters flood the highway, a deer jaunts into a two-lane back road, or a crop of fresh-faced teenagers pullout of a movie theater simultaneously, you need to have a driving plan of action.

How to Drive to Save Your Life