Grand Theft Gymkhana

Hot Mod Hoonigans: domesticmango Presents Grand Theft Gymkhana [Video]

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As nice as console versions ofvideogamesfrom theGrand Theft Autoseries are (easy-to-learn controls, no need to worry about system hardware requirements, etc.), they simply don’t hold a candle to theirPC-format counterparts. The reason why this is so? In a word,modding. There exists a colossal, worldwide community of coders, artists and others dedicated to creating content (both original and based on trademarked real-world properties) that would otherwise never show up in one of these controversy-conjuringvideo gamesin their as-programmed-by-Rockstarstate.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular mod categories is vehicles, where seemingly every non-fictional car, truck, bike or whatever you can name is available. This list includesKen Block’sgymkhana-spec Ford Fiesta, rendered in staggering detail. Our citrus-scented frienddomesticmango– who put together theForza Motorsport 4Harlem Shakeseen last week– thought it would be the cat’s pajamas to stage agymkhanavideo on the streets and alleys ofGTA4’s Big Apple stand-in, Liberty City. The result is loud, artful and full of unexpected spectators (See how many you can spot.). And yes, that sequelis in-the-works…

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