Seafaring Luxury is Imperative on this Horizon Yacht E98

Could Taiwan be considered a mecca of yachtbuilding? Probably not, but it is home to Horizon Yacht, which was founded 30 years ago by naval architect John Lu. In those three decades, the company has become a respected worldwide player in industry, so it’s no surprise that when an American owner of one of its 76 models wanted to upgrade, he opted to stay with the Horizon family.

Christened Do It Now by its buyer, this Horizon Yacht E98 scoots its sleek 99-foot, 6-inch long hull through the waves at up to 22.5 knots thanks to a pair of 1,600 horsepower CAT C32A engines. Of course, this big boat is more about luxury and space that outright performance, and it has those first two attributes in spades. The open bridge has seating for five with a custom bar and dinette, while the lower decks feature a big country kitchen and living room trimmed in high-gloss walnut, while the same wood but in a satin finish adorns the en suite staterooms that accommodate between 14 and 16 people in all. And just as the name suggests, there’s no waiting necessary…

Source: Horizon Yacht