Hookie Hammerhead BMW R100/7 is a Landshark Apart

If you were to ask 100 motorcycle geeks to picture a BMW literbike in their minds’ eyes, odds are about 95 of them would picture an R100/7. This model of motorcycle retained most of the classic Beemer attributes – air-cooled flat-twin engines and shaft drive chief among them – throughout its five-year (1976 to 1980), 12,029 unit production run, which is probably why Hookie Co., a custom bike shop in Dresden, Germany, decided to base a handsome creation called Hammerhead on one.

Starting with a stock R100/7 frame that’s been cleaned up, refined and fitted with a custom tail section, the crew at Hookie treated the 980cc two-pot boxer to a complete rebuild plus a pair of BING carburetors and a custom exhaust system, along with lowering the suspension via 2” spacers in front and a custom-length YSS Eco-Line setup in back, dirt-track-ready Continental TKC 80 tires on stock wheels, Motogadget instrumentation, a modified gas tank and custom seat, among other things. Job well done, Hookie peeps…

Source: Hookie Co.