Honda Grom Scrambler Concepts are Some Mighty Fine Mites


Is it possible to have a fun with a pint-sized single-cylinder motorcycle rolling on 12” wheels? If said motorcycle is a Honda Grom, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” This 125cc thumper looks cool, is affordable ($3,199 to start here in the U.S.) and is mild mannered enough to be welcoming to beginning motorcyclists. Even a lot of experienced riders are gaga for Grom! But it looks like Honda is at least contemplating making it even more appealing.


They’re called the Grom50 Scrambler Concept-One and Grom50 Scrambler Concept-Two, and while we don’t know what the whole “50” business is about, we do know what Honda means by “Scrambler”: Knobby tires and the ability to do some light-duty off-roading. Scrambler Concept-One is silver with racing numbers and low-mount mirrors, while Scrambler Concept-Two is green with a modern headlight and more conventional streetbike mirrors.


Both of these motorcycles look like they’d be an obscene amount of fun to ride, though we suspect very few people will: As far as we can tell, these are the only two being made, and they are scheduled to be shown at theTokyo Motor Show almost exactly one month from now. All any of us can do at this point is hope there’s enough interest from potential customers to drive Honda to develop some sort of production Grom scrambler.

Source: Honda