Homemade Lamborghini Homage is Exclusive, but Not Quite Exotic…

Chen Jenmiao Lamborghini Finished 1

The dream of owning a Lamborghini is one held by many a petrolhead, but only a small fraction of such enthusiasts have the financial bona fides to make that dream a reality. What do folks do if they still really, really want to rock a Lambo? Many buy a kit to rebody a Fiero or some other cheap platform to create a car with the looks (if not the proportions or performance) of the real McCoy. Others build their Raging Bull tributes from the ground up. Ken Imhoff belongs to this latter group, and so does Chen Jenmiao.

Chen, a 25-year-old mechanic from Chenzhou City, China, apparently decided if he couldn’t buy his dream car, he’d build it, or at least something that resembles it. So with roughly $3,000 worth of material and fabrication skills in hand, he set to work. How did it turn out? Well…have a look for yourself after the jump.

Chen Jenmiao Lamborghini Under Construction

As you can see, it’d be quite difficult to mistake it for the genuine article, but it does have those scissor doors, racy lines and a yellow paintjob that’s a roundhouse kick to the corneas. What it doesn’t have is a howling V10 or V12 engine; while the engine donor is unknown, what is known is that this contraption’s top speed is somewhere between 60 and 90 mph. Perhaps it’s scale speed is the same as a real Murcielago, much the same way some R/C cars are capable of 200 mph scale speeds; perhaps not.

Chen Jenmiao Lamborghini Finished 2

At any rate, we have to doff our collective derby to Chen’s skill, determination and good taste in supercars. You probably can’t read this because of the Great Firewall, but Chen Jenmiao, you are our hero of the day.

Source: Carscoop