Hennessey Shelby GT350 HPE800 is a Force-Fed Flat-Plane Freak

Considering the current industry-wide shift toward downsized, forced-induction engines for everything from subcompact transportation pods to moon-sized pickup trucks, the new Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang’s rev-happy naturally-aspirated 5.2L flat-plane crankshaft V8 is a breath of fresh (unboosted) air. However, because that engine – known within the halls of Ford HQ as Voodoo – is pretty close to being maxed out from the factory, there really isn’t much room left for improvement without resorting to supercharging or turbocharging. And supercharging is exactly what Texas tuning titan John Hennessey and team have done to the latest super ‘Stang and, in typical Hennessey fashion, the results are extraordinary.

The exterior doesn’t look that different from a stock GT350, aside from a few small Hennessey badges and some “SUPERCHARGED” lettering on either side of the hood’s power bulge. Instead, the real goodies are under the hood, namely a 2.9L Roots-type supercharger, a cold air intake with a carbon fiber pipe and forged pistons and connecting rods hopping around within the block. Hennessey says the embarrassment of speed parts riches shifts the power and torque peaks skyward from 526 horsepower and 429 lb.-ft to 808 horsepower and 657 lb.-ft.

Those are monstrous numbers that should serve up some monstrous speed. But you’ll have to be monstrously quick to get your hands on one of these so-called HPE800 GT350s: Hennessey will only perform 50 of these conversions next year. Oh, and the turnaround time is about three or four months, so if you get your order in today, your car might be ready just in time for the start of spring driving season.

Source: Hennessey