Is This the Superyacht of the Future?

The yachting world has seen a raft (Har!) of technical innovations over the last few decades yet, from a design standpoint, things have been pretty static overall. Leave it to HBD Studios, a Milan based design firm, to upset that applecart with L’Amage, a swoopy superyacht concept that truly looks like a product of the 21st (if not 22nd) century. Measuring a monolithic 623 feet from stem to stern, L’Amage would weigh anchor with space for 30 guests in 14 staterooms (plus a dedicated apartment for the owner), plus a hot tub, an infinity pool, and a helipad atop the sharply tapered bow and a set of fighter-plane-esque canards. Yep, this big boat sure looks like it can hit 32 knots; now all it needs is some gazillionaire to make it a reality.

Source: HBD Studios