Hartman Yachts Livingstone 24 is a New Old Fashioned Treat

While there’s certainly no shortage of buyers for modern motor yachts that look the part, there will likely always be a segment of the market that wants a boat with the sort of classic silhouette you can imagine docking in Monaco’s harbor to attend the principality’s first grand prix back in 1929. Dutch shipyard Hartman Yachts (which has only been in business for 14 years but whose origins stretch all the way back to 1775) has definitely nailed that retro vibe with its latest pleasure craft creation, the Livingstone 24.

Measuring 24 meters (or just a hair under 79 feet) bow to stern, this vessel won’t scratch the itch of buyers for whom bigger is inevitably better, but it’s not aimed at those folks; rather, it’s for people who want the upright, bridge-forward profile proportions of a bygone era. Yet that’s not to say the accommodations of the Livingstone 24 (which is also available in 34 and 42 meter variations) lack modern luxury and tech; in fact, we’d say the decor of the four staterooms, galley, living room and other areas are quite contemporary. Couple that with modern navigation and control hardware and a pair of 345 horsepower MAN engines, and you’ve got a boat that may very well have the perfect blend of old school grace and new school performance and comfort.

Source: Hartman Yachts