Hamann Spyridon Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG side view

Hamann Spyridon Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG is Decadence Defined

Hamann Spyridon Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG front 3/4 view

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is, without question, one of the baddest new vehicles you can buy. And the outrageous V12-powered G65 AMG (which isn’t available in the U.S.) is the high school super senior of the SUV kingdom. You know, the guy always puts his feet on the furniture, sneaks in smoke breaks in the bathroom, addresses each faculty member with “Yo, Teach!,” does just enough to maintain a D- average, and has fathered at least one child. Yeah, that guy. Like the G65, he won’t go very far in life (or on a tank of gas, as the case may be), but man, does he know how to have a good time.

But what if you want a big, blocky big block Benz that is even more of a party animal? Well, Hamann has created a tuning package for the ultimate G-Wagen called Spyridon. And if you like ostentatious, boy, have you come to the right place.

Hamann Spyridon Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG side view


There’s a complete body kit, with new front and rear bumpers (the former incorporating LED daytime running lights), grille insert and tailgate-mounted spare tire cover featuring the Hamann logo, fender flares, running boards, rear wing, and a carbon fiber hood. Wheels are 24” alloys with black centers and gold rims wrapped in Vredestein tires. There are lots of gold accents elsewhere, too, including dual billet aluminum sidepipes that have been anodized with a gold finish.

The black and gold theme continues on the inside, with quilted gold leather affixed to the door panels and seats. There are also aluminum pedals, aluminum sill plates, and embroidered Hamann floormats. We’re not completely sold on the overall look, but we aren’t Russian quadrillionaires, either.

Hamann Spyridon Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG interior view

We are, on the other hand, very much on board with the powertrain upgrades Hamann puts on the menu. Instead of the stock G65 AMG’s 604hp and 738 lb.-ft of torque, the Spyridon’s 6.0L twin-turbo V12 pumps out 692hp and 819 lb.-ft of torque. Hamann attains that extra power by way of a less restrictive exhaust system and a remapped ECU. And if you happen to be stuck with the “underachiever” AMG G-Wagen, the V8-hearted G63 (which is available here), Hamann offers a power kit for its 5.5L twin-turbo V8. With this kit installed, you get 602hp and 645 lb.-ft of torque. This compares quite favorably to the stock G63 AMG’s 536hp and 560 lb.-ft of torque. Both versions are, like their factory standard counterparts, fitted with 7-speed automatic transmissions.

Hamann isn’t quoting performance figures for the Spyridon, nor is it discussing pricing. However, we’re betting both will fit most people’s definition of extreme. Seems rather fitting, if you ask us.

Source: Hamann