Hamann Soltador side view

Hamann Soltador is a Chopper-Shaped Porsche Tribute

Hamann Soltador front 3/4 view

This year’s Geneva Motor Show (which runs through this Sunday in case you’re in the neighborhood) is stacked to the rafters with new tuned and customized cars from Europe’s most popular tuners. It’s almost enough to make a person’s head spin. And all those tuned cars – as well as the numerous stock vehicles – also draw attention away from the vehicles that don’t fit into either of those categories.

Vehicles like, say, this highly-customized chopper. But it hasn’t been built by Arlen Ness or some other well-known chopper shop; no, it’s a product of Hamann. Yes Hamann, the firm better known for sprucing up four-wheeled conveyances from various and sundry European nameplates like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. So what is it doing fooling with an American-style, American-powered motorcycle?

Hamann Soltador side view

Well, for one thing, it’s called the Soltador. For another thing, it’s a motorcycle based on Hamann’s own frame, called the Race Edition. But that’s not the only Hamann part on this thing: The 18” wheels, exhaust system, air filter, swingarm and foot pegs are all manufactured by Hamann. The whole bike is long and low, and cloaked predominantly in black. However, that black is accented by dabs of gold trim and, more significantly, scenes depicting significant moments from Porsche racing history. Yes, it’s an odd choice for artwork adorning any motorcycle’s gas tank and bodywork, much less a chopper. But we do like the subject matter.

Hamann Soltador gas tank detail

We also like what’s powering this hog. It’s a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam B V-twin measuring in at 1,900cc and producing 160hp. Matched to a 6-speed Harley-Davidson transmission and a belt drive from NH Power, Hamann says it’s capable of launching the 639 lb. Soltador to 62 mph in 3.3 seconds and a top speed that is, ahem, “sufficient.” Yeah, this ain’t no poser bike…

Of course, if the cornea-flattening performance wasn’t enough to dissuade the Sons of Anarchy superfans of the world, the roughly $156,000 asking price certainly should be. But there’s no need to get on the horn to Hamann yesterday; it plans to build more than one, but not enough to fill every street in Sturgis, either. After all, the company still has cars to tune, you know…

Hamann Soltador rear 3/4 view


Hamann Soltador bodywork detail


Source: Hamann

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