Hamann Porsche Macan Widebody Powers up and Fills out [w/ Video]


While the Porsche Cayenne has been a favorite of tuners for much of its lifespan, its smaller and much younger sibling – the Porsche Macan – is quickly becoming the new go-to premium label sportier utility vehicle for the automotive aftermarket. So it ought not to shock you that Hamann, one of the most prominent multi-marque tuning houses, was one of the earlier companies to start customizing the Macan. And now, if you happen to live in a country where the corporate 3.0L V6 turbodiesel is offered in the Macan (Read: Not the U.S.), Hamann has some extra treats for you.


But let’s not ignore the parts that fit all Macans regardless of what’s under the hood. There’s a two-piece front valence extension, side skirts, rear apron, rear spoilers and multi-piece fender flares for the front and back wheel arches. Those last items translate to extra room for bigger wheels and tires, though Hamann would probably prefer you specify a set of their Anniversary Evo wheels. They’ll also sell you a sport suspension kit and a pair of new mufflers with active bypass flaps and two ceramic-coated exhaust tips each.


Getting back to the powerplant, Hamann has used a lower restriction exhaust system and an ECU tune to unlock more muscle from the six-pot diesel. The company says the upgrade parts push total output up to a respectable 306 horsepower and 502 lb.-ft of torque, while the 0-62 mph time dips from 6.3 seconds to 5.9 seconds (or 5.7 seconds with the Sport Chrono package). Is that fast enough to outrun the hackles and barbs likely to be lobbedyour way for driving a Volkswagen Group diesel? Nope. But odds are you don’t really mind, do you?


Source: Hamann