Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana spoof

Gymkhan-ha-ha: Razor Crazy Cart Promo Goofs on Ken Block [Video]

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One of the best barometers for the popularity of something is whether or not it has been made the subject of parody. After all,Weird Aldidn’t reach make-it-rain status by spoofing the songs of the Kyrgyzstani folk music scene, right? Right! Basically, nothing says you’ve hit The Big Time like getting lampooned.

With that in mind,Ken Blockshould be feeling mighty proud thatRazor– maker of those formerly-red-hot folding scooters – chose to pattern a promotional video for itsCrazy Cartbattery-powered ride-on toy after theHoonigan-in-Chief’s ultra-viralGymkhana videos. See if you can spot all the callbacks to and riffs upon the original videos for a chance to win…bupkis!

Source: YouTube