Kitchen burnout motorcycle

Guess Who’s Coming to Gixxer: Give Thanks for the Hoon Who Did a Burnout on His Suzuki in a Kitchen [Video]

For those of you out there in Interwebzland who are unfamiliar with American holidays, the last Thursday in November is reserved for the observance of Thanksgiving. It is a day claimed to be rooted in a Puritan tradition established by the pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock who wished to thank their omnipotent deity for allocating them that particular growing season’s bountiful harvest. In the year of our Lord 2013, the tradition has since been amended to include stuffing one’s face, chasing each other around the yard while clutching an oblong pigskin pouch, and risking death by human stampede in the hopes of procuring some contraption you don’t need for a fraction of its normal monetary worth. We’re sure Miles Standish and Co. would approve of all these newer practices wholeheartedly…

However, there is one additional tradition we now wish to see join the Thanksgiving to do list: The Kitchen Burnout. Considering how much activity goes on in the typical American kitchen on this day, we reckon it’s only fitting that something be done beforehand to ward off any evil, stuffing-burning and cranberry-sauce-spilling spirits, and that wheeling a Suzuki GSXR superbike into the food preparation room and laying a patch on the linoleum is probably a far more effective method than most. Of course, you probably don’t have to use a Suzuki“Gixxer”; hell, you could probably use a car, too, if you could find one small enough to get into the kitchen (Hear that, NHTSA? Yet another great reason why we should be able to legally import late-model Japanese kei cars like the Autozam AZ-1 and Mitsubishi Toppo BJ!). Just be sure you remember this simple motto: Mo’ ventilation, mo’ better.