Grid Autosport Drag Pack DLC funny cars

Grid Autosport Drag Pack DLC Reeks of Nitro [w/ Video]

Grid Autosport Drag Pack DLC funny cars

Codemasters’ current multi-discipline motorsports sim – Grid Autosport – is a dandy racing game, but it is, alas, missing something. That something is drag racing, but the crew at Codies is already on it; so on it, in fact, that a straight-line-centric downloadable content (DLC) pack – named, funnily enough, the Drag Pack – is available to North American PC and console players (as well as Steam users worldwide) starting today (European players will be able to grab it tomorrow.).

Grid Autosport Drag Pack DLC gassers

For $4.99, you get three new drag strips (one set in Detroit, the Hockenheimring’s drag strip, and a drag strip at the fictional Autosport Raceway) and three new cars (a ’69 Dodge Charger bodied funny car, a ’70 Plymouth ‘Cuda bodied funny car, and what looks to be a ’55 Chevrolet/Ford/Oldsmobilemashup of a 2-door sedan given the old school gasser treatment). And unlike other racing games that half-heartedly include drag racing, Grid Autosport takes a decidedly more hardcore approach by making you roll the car into the staging beams and cut a quick reaction time without red lighting (i.e. jumping the start). Any more authentic and the game would send someone to your place to spray nitromethane, burnt rubber and VHT fumes in the room.


Source: Codemasters