Green Yachts Naucrates 85 is a Modular Marvel

Anything that uses modular construction is guaranteed to grab our attention, at least for a little while. Blame it on us never quite outgrowing our love of Lego if you must, but we just can’t ignore vehicles that can be pieced together to tackle different tasks. So when the Naucrates 85 concept – a joint venture of Green Yachts and Chantier Naval Chioggia – came across our (virtual) desk, we had to know more.

Well, for one thing, it would be powered by a pair of CAT 800 engines that can push it to a top speed of 14 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots.That’s respectable, if not scorching, performance for a boat this size, but speed isn’t what this vessel is about. No, it’s main reason for being is flexibility: In support yacht configuration, there’s a massive aft deck for work (equipment storage and staging) or play (sunbathing, lounging and the like). But once the cabin module is attached, the Naucrates 85 (which refers to its rough length in feet) can accommodate up to eight guests and four crew members in stylish, wood- and leather-trimmed comfort. No word on what this transforming vessel would cost if it was actually built, but we’re guessing there’s probably at least one person out there who would be willing to write the check…

Source: Green Yachts