Gray Design Ferrari 458 Curseive high front 3/4 view

Gray Design Ferrari 458 Curseive is GT-Street

Gray Design Ferrari 458 Curseive front 3/4 view

The Ferrari 458 Italia is, in ours and probably millions of other people’s opinions, a spectacular looking car. And it looks even more spectacular in GT3/GT Daytona racecar form, with muscular fender flares, shark-like vents, and a big rear wing. Too bad you couldn’t use a 458 GT3 on the street if you wanted to…right?

Well, it turns out you might soon be able to get GT3 looks for your road-going 458 Italia. And those track-ready looks come courtesy of two of the most respected names in the high-end vehicle design and customization realm: Gray Design and Vogue Auto Design (VAD).

Gray Design Ferrari 458 Curseive side view

Called the Curseive by its makers, this fortified Ferrari features a widebody kit that is based directly off of the one fitted to the GT3 racer. That means the front fascia is lower and wider (and has a splitter beneath it), the front fenders are fatter, the rear wheel arches are capped by flares (which can be blended into the quarter panels or left as separate pieces a la the racecar), and the rear bumper is wider with a bigger diffuser and a winglet behind each back tire. These renderings show a street-style ducktail spoiler, but Gray Design says a GT-style wing will also be available. Additionally, the components of the body kit will be offered in either carbon fiber or Kevlar.

Gray Design Ferrari 458 Curseive rear 3/4 view

In addition to the body mods, Gray Design plans to offer four, yes four wheel options to help fill up those flared fenders. Choose 20” wheels all around, or 20-inchers up front and 21s in back. A Bilstein PSS9 coilover kit will reduce the Curseive’s altitude and up its attitude, while a custom interior, sport exhaust system, and a tuned ECU will also be offered to customers who want even more razzamatazz.

Not a 458 Italia fan or owner? You’re in luck: Gray Design and VAD plan to offer similar kits for other street versions of GT3 cars as time passes. That’s quite an exciting prospect, given how many different GT3 cars there are out there. Sure, you’ll be paying handsomely for them (No, the two companies haven’t publicized how much the Curseive package will cost.), but they’ll be about as close as you can get to driving a GT race car without having to don Nomex undies.

Source: Gray Design