Gray Design Automotive-Inspired Xhibitionist Superyacht


While you may not be as intimately familiar with Eduard Gray as you are with say, Henrik Fisker or even Chris Bangle, Mr. Gray has penned a number of striking cars with a design language all his own. Head of Swedish design firm Gray Design, Edward has produced a a few prominent conceptual designs, including the Beach Cruiser and the Prombron Nagel and Jo-Mojo for Latvian automaker Dartz, all featuring polarizing lines and body angles that only a vicious attack with a protractor would produce.

However, apart from things with four wheels, Mr. Gray also has a penchant for rendering astonishingly good looking watercraft.His latest work takes the form of the automotive-influenced Xhibitionist. While the name of the superyacht sounds like a family relative of a certain host of Pimp My Ride, the Xhibitionist itself is an incredible piece of luxury design that takes visual cues from a number of different automotive works. Did we also mention that it comes with foldaway triple helipad?


But let’s ignore the features of the Xhibitionist for a second and look a little more closely at the Xhibit-G supercar. Gray often pens his superboats with matching supercars and as a result, the carbon-fiber-bodied Xhibit-G takes on a striking resemblance to the boat that carries it.


Presumably, the car comes with the boat, and while the only detail we have about what motivates the boat are “hybrid engines”, the supercar is driven by a 630HP V12.


It’s unclear right now exactly how the car will be tied in with a purchase of the yacht as the boat itself has been designed in a modular fashion to prepare it for any number of different purposes.


Gray has provided different renderings of the interior as a guest room, shopping center, and even a showroom for the Xhibit-G car, hinting that the Xhibitionist would almost serve as a mobile sales/business floor.


And what a business floor this boat would be! Just look at the thing. There are hints of Batmobile, Morgans and Bentleys of olde, some Jaguar here and there – and somehow all the design elements come together in a cohesive, ultra-modern fashion.


In their press release, Gray Design themselves described the Xhibitionist as having “been designed to wantonly, shamelessly, unabashedly and knowingly steal the show”


We can’t help but agree with them.

Source: Gray Design