Graff MasterGraff GyroGraff World is a Cosmic Delight

When it comes to watches, the importance of function should at minimum be equal to the importance of form, at least in our opinion. But when a timepiece’s form is exceptional, then we’re willing to make an exception or two. And the latest offering from Graff Diamonds certainly fits those criteria.

The Graff MasterGraff GyroGraff World (Yeah, we’re wondering why not “WorldGraff,” too…) lives within a 48mm case capped by a diamond-encrusted bezel, but neither of those features are the big story. No, that honor goes to the lavishly decorated dial depicting the entire Milky Way galaxy, hand painted in Grand Feu enamel. Additionally, there’s a clever 3D moon phase indicator, and the whole enchilada is propelled by a manually-wound double axis tourbillon movement. Graff isn’t publicizing pricing info for this masterpiece, so we’re guessing the cost of entry is mighty, mighty high. Perhaps beyond-earth-orbit high?

Source: Graff Diamionds