Golden Mile Villa is a Stunning Spanish Abode

Although it doesn’t get quite as much recognition as the French or Italian rivieras, Spain’s Costa del Sol (Literally “Coast of the Sun.”) is a pretty nice area of Europe in and of itself. And one of the region’s principal cities, Marbella, is a real peach. It’s a fairly short drive from Gibraltar, has a delightful old town section with structures dating back to the 15th century, and it features a very posh neighborhood called the Golden Mile. It is there that you’ll find this spectacular villa.

Occupying a 1.22 acre lot with panoramic views of the city, the Mediterranean and the coastline down to Gibraltar, this 14,800 square-foot marvel spreads six bedrooms and eight bathrooms over five(!) luxurious floors. Those floors, incidentally, are heated, as is the swimming pool. The roughly $10.6 million asking price will also get you a game room, sauna, guest apartment and, to cap it off, a four-car garage and a carport for storing your rides. If you do end up purchasing this place, be sure to remember to mention where you heard about it; no, it won’t get you a discount, but we always wanted to be big in Andalusia.

Source: JamesEdition