Giuliano Mazzuoli Contagiri Alfa Romeo – First 50 8C Buyers Get One Free!

Giuliano Mazuoli Contagri Alfa Romeo

Taking a page from car anatomy, the Contagiri contains no crown for winding or setting time but has, low and behold, a lever like “gear shift” to handle all of these functions. This watch from Giuliano Mazzuoli is also automatic and wearing it will keep it rollin.

The stainless steel version recieves a “DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) treatment. For those into the nitty gritty specs, the watch is 44mm in diameter and is water-resistant to 50 meters.

For the first 5o customers, the purchase on an Alfa Romeo 8C will come with a complementary Contagiri watch. Unfortunately, for all others the price could be as high as $25,000, a fee some of Giuliano’s other timepieces fetch. However, the true price is still unknown at this time.

Source: Giuliano Mazzouli