Ginetta G50 Autosport Magazine Car of the Year

Ginetta G50 (Source: Ginetta)

In honor of it’s 50th year anniversary in 2008, Ginetta named it’snewest sportscar the Ginetta G50. Manufactured in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the RWDsports carfeatures a 300-hp 3.5-liter V6 engine from Ford matched with a 5-speed transmission. The real marvel is the coupe’s 1,750 pound weight.

The Ginetta comes in multiple flavors. For road cars, Ginetta offers the G50 R Spec coupe. For racing, Ginetta manufacturers the G50 Cup car, which, incidentally, launched it’s own successful single-make British race series. There is also a Ginetta G50 GT4 for theFIA EuropeanGT4 series.

For 2009,the companywill be introducing a 4-liter V8 engine from Zytek into the highly anticipated Ginetta G50Z. Ginetta is also making a foray into the green car market with a 100% electric sports car, named the Ginetta G50 EV.

Source: Ginetta