This Gibraltar Mansion, um, Rocks

Ah, Gibraltar. The gateway to the Mediterranean…steeped in history and home to an international airport that has the territory’s main road cross it at grade at about its midpoint, requiring the use of traffic lights to prevent car-on-plane violence. It’s also home to the spectacular home you see here.

A relatively recent build, this seven bedroom, five bathroom mansion overlooks Camp Bay and offers great views of Algeciras, Spain to the west and Morocco to the south across the Strait of Gibraltar. Additionally, there’s a one bedroom, one bath guest house (to which we assume the 811 square-feet stated in the listing refers, not the main house), plus a pool, library, bar room with billiard table, a Creston Home Automation system and plasma screens hidden in each mirror. All of that and more is yours, provided your housing budget is at least $26.4 million (give or take a couple hundred grand) and you’re looking to relocate to one of Great Britain’s few remaining non-military-base foreign outposts.

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty