Honda Senna Speakers commercial

Ghostly Wails: Honda Ad Brings Ayrton Senna Back…Sort of [Video]

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Ayrton SennadroveFormula 1 carspowered by four different engine suppliers during his career, but both his longest association and the bulk of his success (including all three of his world championships) came withHonda. From his final season withLotusin 1987 toHonda’s withdrawal at the end of 1992 after powering Senna’sMcLarento three wins, the Brazilian driver and Japanese manufacturer were joined at the hip. Senna became close friends with company founderSoichiro Honda, and he did a tremendous amount of development driving for the originalNSX.

So it should come as no surprise that Honda – particularly the home office – still holds Senna in high esteem, even as the river of time flows inexorably toward the 20thanniversary of his untimely death. So high is this esteem, in fact, that the firm brought togetherSuzuka Circuit, a1989 McLaren MP4/5, some audio recording equipment, telemetry data from a test Senna did at Suzuka back in the day, a bunch of speakers and LED lights, and an army of geeks to create the roughly minute-and-a-half video seen – and heard – here. If you ask us, the end result is both beautiful and haunting; in some shots you half expect to see the semi-translucent form of a white-and-fluorescent-red single-seater with a bright yellow helmet sprouting from the cockpit to appear…

Source: YouTube