Get Excited: Longer U.S. Trailer for Rush Brings the Awesome [Video]

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On Monday the international trailer forRon Howard’sFormula 1historical docudramaRushburst onto the internet, and boy howdy, does it make the flick look good. The cars, the costumes, the special effects…it all looks amazing. Of course, with Ron Howard as skipper, you would expect that, wouldn’t you?

Now a second, longer trailer aimed at U.S. moviegoers is out. And you know what? It’s even more amazing. Example: Check out how well the VFX team managed to replicate theNürburgring’s old parallel front and back straights and pit complex, all of which were bulldozed in the early ‘80s when the modernGrand Prix circuitwas constructed. Plus it does a markedly better job of fleshing out the backstory (kind of a necessity, since so few Americans are familiar withFormula 1past or present) and, oh yes, moreOlivia Wilde. Did we mentionSeptember 20thcan’t come soon enough? Because it can’t.

Source: YouTube