German Special Customs Mercedes-Benz S-Class is Weiss Heiss


The current generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class (codename W222) has reaffirmed the model’s status as the king of the German luxury liners, particularly when you include the new factory-stretched Mercedes-Maybach versions. And because it’s the 800 lbs. gorilla of the full-size luxury sedan segment, there’s no shortage of aftermarket support for it. Enter German Special Customs.


German Special Customs, which has made a bit of a habit out of altering the looks of late model Mercs to make them even more distinctive, has devised the tasty body kit you see here. New fascias, side skirts, a vented hood and a restrained rear lip spoiler are among the new body panels, while the grille shell, roof and trunklid trim have been refinished in black to give the car a more sinister flavor (and match the sporty 21” wheels). It may not be the most elegant looking S-Class, but we wouldn’t call it garish, either.

Source: German Special Customs