General Motors Reinvention Commercial Spoof (VIDEO)

General Motors Headquarters

Okay folks, I’m not touching this one… Responses will probably span the gammet from totally accurate to completely unfair. But it is funny, and well produced. So, you be the judge of the latest spoof on the General Motors bankruptcy debacle. This video is not the first and definitely won’t be the last featuring GM. Check it out after the jump and please post any comments that you have.

Source: GM Retardation

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  1. Anonymous

    If only the GM commercial showed this much creativity. Although I admit that it’s hard to make an interesting commercial for a failing company. But maybe that’s a hint that no commercial is needed? (Can we have part of that $30 billion back instead?)

    John Tantillo, who is actually optimistic about the company’s future (because of the strength of its brands) pointed out on his marketing blog that the GM reinvention commercial is a failure because “people don’t buy a company; they buy a car.” (He also maintains that “corporate advertising doesn’t work” and has railed against Super Bowl commercials in the past.)

    Jon Stewart´s bit on our forced acquisition of GM is the best news commentary I´ve seen yet on the situation –

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