Geiger Cars Ford SVT Raptor “The Beast” front 3/4 view

Geiger Cars Ford SVT Raptor is a Beastly Green Bruiser

Geiger Cars Ford SVT Raptor "The Beast" front 3/4 view

The Ford SVT Raptor – the highly-capable, highly muscular F-150-based trophy-truck-for-five – is still something of a novelty here in its homeland, despite having been around since the 2010 model year. So we’re not sure we can even begin to imagine how it’s received in Europe. Do people over there embrace the comical nature of its too-big-for-many-streets proportions and bankrupt-you-in-a-week thirst? Or do those attributes make it the Continent’s most loathsome pariah since a certain mustachioed Austrian World War I vet?

In any event, spotting Ford’s super stump-jumper pickup in the Old World is probably only slightly less rare an event than spotting Billy Graham at a tattoo parlor getting an XL-pizza-sized pentagram scrawled on his chest. But that hasn’t stopped Geiger Cars – a German tuner that specializes in American iron – from grabbing hold of a Raptor and making it even more radical.

Geiger Cars Ford SVT Raptor "The Beast" rear 3/4 view

While the neon green and matte black color combo is the most obvious exterior change, Geiger Cars also took the time to add an auxiliary light bar on the front bumper and a rear-facing LED bar hanging from the roll bar installed in the bed. The Geiger folks also took the time to install a suspension lift kit and a set of color-matched 22” wheels wrapped in Toyo Open Country tires. “The Beast” is certainly a fitting nickname for this truck.

However, this machine’s beastly nature extends far beyond its appearance. Geiger Cars fitted the already-buff 6.2L V8 under the hood with a Whipplescrew-type supercharger, intercooler, and a reprogrammed ECU. Consequently, it now produces 565 horsepower and 525 lb.-ft of torque, both of which are substantial jumps over the stock Raptor’s 411 horsepower and 434 lb.-ft. And in case you’re dreading the fuel economy figures, Geiger claims The Beast gets a not-that-bad-for-what-it-is 13.8 mpg. Of course, if you’re shelling out the equivalent of $9 or $10 (or more) per gallon, it’s beyond awful.

Geiger Cars Ford SVT Raptor "The Beast" engine view

And if you factor in the price of this tuned truck, the fuel bills look even more awful. Geiger cars says a Raptor with all the bits you see here will set you back roughly $137,000 (once all applicable European taxes and fees have been factored in). Oof. Then again, if you want something to take you well, well off the beaten path but isn’t a Mercedes-Benz G-wagen, you could do much worse than this jacked-up and hopped-up slice of Americana.

Source: Geiger Cars

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