Geiger Cars Chevrolet Camaro SS Kompressor – 568 HP of German-Tuned American Muscle

2010 Geiger Car Chevy Camaro SS Kompressor

Germany’s Geiger Cars is a US auto importer that has been tinkering with American muscle cars and trucks for almost 30 years. Their tuning chops are well established and Geiger has modified everything from Hummers to the Ford GT. One of our favorite creations is their 809 hp Corvette Z06 Wild Thing. So, it’s really no surprise that they have recently taken a special interest in America’s hottest selling sports car, the Chevy Camaro.

2010 Geiger Chevy Camaro SS Kompressor

Back in June, Geiger Cars announced they were going to start offering all 3 flavors of the Chevy Camaro, as GM had yet to establish any sort of sales operations in Europe. Now, Geiger has taken things a step further by serving up a 2010 Camaro SS with a bolt-on mechanical compressor (aka supercharger), new sports catalysts and custom stainless steel exhaust system that takes performance to a whole new level. The stock V8 gets an additional 136 hp boost, moving from 432 horsepower up to a whopping 568, while torque rockets from 420 lb-ft to a neck-snapping 590 lb-ft. With all this might, a two-plate sport clutch is used for transmission traction.

Handling also gets revised and reworked as new coilovers and adjustable sports anti-roll bars have been installed on the front and rear axle. The standard brakes are swapped out and replaced with 6-piston calipers gripping grooved 380mm plates up front and 4-piston calipers grabbing 355 grooved rotors in back. The 20 inch wheels on the standard Chevy Camaro SS also get upgraded with 22 inch light alloys wrapped in ultra-low profile tires. With the new suspension system and the extra large rims, the Geiger Camaro SS has a slammed appearance with very little clearance between the wheels and arches.

The 2010 Geiger Camaro SS Kompressor has a top speed of 195 mph, and the company quickly points out that their new American muscle car “even shows up the Porsche 911 GT3.” Being that “The Ring” is in their back yard, let’s hope that Geiger takes this thing out for a few unofficial laps to see what it’s really made of…

Source: GeigerCars