Gasser Customs Honda CB350

It’s a Gas(ser): Custom Honda CB350 is Two-Wheeled Art You Can Use [Video]

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Art comes in many, many forms. But one thing shared by many of those forms is that, unfortunately, there’s little (if any) function to even accompany those forms, much less follow them. Sure, a painting can make a large wall look less bare, and a decorative column can support a building, but what do you do with something like a statue other than look at it?

Thankfully,carsandmotorcyclesserve purposes beyond providing visual interest. And custommotorcyclesfromAdam Gaspic’s one-man shop,Gasser Customs, provide style and substance in equal measure. This is particularly true of his handsomeHonda CB350 café racer, theSilver Bullet. There may be custom bikes that are flashier and/or faster in a straight line, but this small displacement delight is – dare we say it – practical.

Source: YouTube