Race of Gentlemen

Garden State of Mind: Turning Back the Hot Rod Culture Clock at the Race of Gentlemen [Video]

[vimeo width=”960″ height=”540″]http://vimeo.com/77259440[/vimeo]

The Jersey Shore (the place, not the TV show that stunted the advancement of Western civilization by about 34 years) might not seem like a hotbed of retrohot rod/rockabilly culture at first blush, but a car club called theOilersand an event it puts on called theRace of Gentlemenis changing that. It’s strictly limited to vintagehot rodsandmotorcycles, and starting duties are handled by somedelightful pin-up girls. On the one hand, just the thought of running a vintage car orbikethrough the salt water and sea spray makes us cringe; on the other, it looks like a kiloton of fun.

Source: Vimeo