Garage Door Ad Makes Light of Toyota’s Deadly Safety Recall

Dansk Port Teknik Garage Door Ad

We’ve all seen our fair share of controversial ads. Agencies are always looking to walk the fine line between funny and offensive and seem to more and more drop into the later category. For whatever reason, tragedies and follies serve as perfect fodder. In the case of mega ad agency JWT, they managed to craft up this beaut of a print campaign for Danish garage door maker Dansk Port Teknik.

It was inevitable that the sharks would strike at the bleeding legs of Toyota, with Ford, GM, Hyundai and Chrysler all offering serious incentives to get owners to trade in their potentially flawed rides for new models. But now we’re starting to see a whole slew of jokers making fun of “unintended acceleration” in a variety of other venues and outlets. When will the madness end?

Source: The Car Connection