Need for Speed movie trailer

Games on Film: Need for Speed Movie Trailer Leaves Us Conflicted [Video]

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Rare is the feature film spawned from avideo gamefranchise that elicits even grudging approval from movie geeks, much less mention in the same breath asCitizen KaneorCasablanca. The same is largely true of movies in which cars are central to the story. Of course, those low-enough-to-be-margins-of-error batting averages haven’t stopped Hollywood from trying, not by a long shot. Tinseltown’s latest swing for the fences? That would beNeed for Speed, a flick based on theEA racing gamebrand of the same name and starringAaron Paul, who we are told has gained notoriety recently working alongside the guy who played the dad onMalcolm in the Middleon some sort of cooking show

Anyhoo, having watched this first trailer for the first non-interactiveNeed for Speed, we’re feeling a bit torn. Sure, there looks to be a smorgasbord ofsupercars(and a highly-modifiedShelby Mustangwe’ve already seen), cops chasing saidsupercarsand lots of general blowy-uppy-ness. But at the same time, we can already hear the giggle-inducingly-forced dialogue, plot holes big enough to drive a Super Panamax ship through, and enough instances of *ahem* “artistic license” to make petrolheads from here to Timbuktu 31 flavors of stabby (Think 15-speed transmissions, reverse gears tall enough to hit 80 mph, jump-proof suspensions, etc.). However, we’ll reserve final judgement until after we see it sometime next spring.

Source: YouTube