Game Over Cycles Custom Harley Sportster Rocks

Usually, we’re very much against building custom cars, motorcycles and other vehicles for the express purpose of putting on display or living out their lives as “trailer queens.” Why give them any pretenses of functionality if said functionality will never be utilized? However, we do make occasional exceptions to the stance stated above, and this heavily modified Harley-Davidson is one of them.

Constructed by the Polish shop Game Over Cycles, this copper-hued hog started life as a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. While it might appear to have a strictly steampunk motif at first glance, a closer look reveals details like rear suspension arms that resemble guitar fret boards, a battery box that looks like an amp, and an air filter housing shaped like a vintage microphone. Yes, children, this motorcycle is a salute to music, specifically rock and roll. That makes even more sense when you learn that the location at which this machine will be on display is the Hard Rock Café in Krakow, Poland. Yeah, we’re still bummed this thing will never see much – if any – of the open road, but we’re glad that all those cool custom touches will be preserved for diners to ogle for years to come.

Source: Game Over Cycles