G-Power BMW M5 is a Maxi Taxi


Despite all the moaning about electrically-boosted steering, pre-recorded engine noise being piped through the stereo system to make up for the muting effect of the engine’s turbochargers and, yes, the fact that it’s a major league lard-ass by rear-drive super sedan standards, the current BMW M5 is a pretty formidable machine. This is not to say, of course, that it cannot be made more formidable, and that’s precisely what the BMW experts at G-Power have done.


In addition to a set of the company’s uh, “distinctive” Hurricane RR 21” wheels, G-Power badges and the various decals, this particular feisty F10 doesn’t look particularly special. But with an ECU tune and a new exhaust system made with roughly 4” diameter tubing, the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 is now putting up the kinds of numbers (730 horsepower and 719 lb.-ft of torque) and the kinds of combustion music you’d expect from a full-on supercar. And it goes like a supercar, too, with 0-124 mph runs supposedly taking just 10.5 seconds and a de-restricted top speed north of 186 mph. Sure, the luddites will still insist it’s too soft and squishy to be called an M5, but when you can just get far, far away from them in a very short time with just a stomp of the gas pedal, does that even matter?

Source: G-Power