Classified Moto XV920R 2.0 is Futuristic Retro


The story of this bike actually began with a request from the director of experimental film Reciprocity, Sunny Zhao, to John Ryland of soon-to-be Classified Moto. Sunny needed a bike fit for a cold, calculating hitman – who’s only care in the world was his bike. An advertising creative at the time, Mr. Ryland consented and after nearly eight months of part time work, completed the project. A customer then came along, saw the Reciprocity bike and asked John to build him something along the same lines, leading to Classified Moto XV920R version 1.0.

Two years and many requests later, the Biker’s Cafe in Dubai asked John to build them a replica of the XV920R to ride and show at the cafe. With tight deadlines and a massively shortened delivery schedule, John did the only sensible thing and sent them the original customer’s version 1.0. The customer was ok with it – as long as John built him another one and that is the bike pictured above. Welcome to the Classified Moto XV920R 2.0.


While the original Reciprocity bike was based on a XV750, the 2.0 is based on a chain-drive 1982 Yamaha XV920R. As the base platform is over 30 years old, the handling duties needed to be revamped and John has delivered that with a full sportbike front swap from a 2008 Yamaha R6-R.


This swap has become a signature feature of Classified Moto bikes and is a feature carried over from version 1.0 (pictured below).


However, John didn’t want to entirely duplicate the version 1.0 bike and as a result, has powdercoated the 2.0 in a much cleaner satin grey. A wide black stripe has been applied down the length of the Benelli Mojave tank and a revised custom stainless steel exhaust helps free up some horses from the Japanese V-twin.


At the tail end of the bike, much more modern components have replaced their aging counterparts. A modified 2006 Yamaha R6-S swingarm holds onto stock R6-S brakes and wheel while the soon-to-be-updated XV920R’s shock remains in place.


Putting power to the ground is a Dunlop D616 tire running a decently meaty size of180/55-17 while aMetzeler ME880 130/80-17 holds down the front.


Once it’s delivery time, Mr. Ryland will be heading out to Dubai to document some of the bike culture there, deliver the XV920R 1.0, and ride it off one final time.


Source: Adam Ewing | BikeEXIF