The Future for Ford and the Renowned RS Badge

Helped developed by Ford Performance, it seems that we can fully expect Ford to grow their RS division if current trends are anything to go by. The highly renowned RS badge is a signifier for blistering speeds and electrifying performance, with the new Focus RS being a great example of this. This automobile, and rumours of a new Fiesta RS, ensure that the future looks bright for the RS division and fans of these fast cars.

The new Focus RS


The new Focus RS has been receiving incredible reviews and boasts superb performance along with fine handling. It incorporates a range of trail blazing technology, including Ford Performance’s All-Wheel-Drive and Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control to go along with a specially tuned 2.3 litre EcoBoost petrol engine.

2017 GT


Ford Performance has also unveiled another outstanding automobile, which shows that the performance division is a key area of focus. This is the Ford GT; an ultra-high-performance car which features an engine capable of generating over 600 horsepower and is powered by a twin-turbocharged Ford EcoBoost V6. It also uses lightweight materials for incredible acceleration and handling.

Fiesta RS?


There are rumblings of a Fiesta RS arriving in 2017, which will be a highly anticipated vehicle and evidence that the RS division is an important arm of the company and one that is still delivering industry leading automobiles packed with ground-breaking technologies.

Same Features in Cheaper Models

Although these high-performance and sporty models feature the best technology and performance, you can still find a lot of the features and technology in some of the cheaper models. This includes the Zetec S and the ST variations of the Focus, both of which have received excellent reviews and pack a powerful performance. These are much more affordable than the latest RS models and other Ford Performance releases; this is particularly true when you shop at used car dealerships like Motorpoint.

The Future

If current releases (and rumours) by the RS Division and Ford Performance are anything to go by, it seems that they will continue in the direction of producing supreme vehicles with their mission statement of “Innovation through Performance”.

The Fiesta RS and 2017 GT are great examples of what they are capable of, but you will also find that many of the cheaper models also incorporate plenty of the same features and technologies and are available at much more affordable prices. For fans of Ford and the RS division, the future certainly looks bright.