Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG W126

Full Metal Members Only Jacket: Keeping the ‘80s Alive with an AMG-Fortified 560 SEC [Video]

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BeforeAMGwas absorbed byMercedes-Benz, it was an independent tuner that specialized in creating high performance, high style versions of the Stuttgart marque’s wares. And theAMG-tweakedBenzesthat were likely the chart-toppers in both speed and looks were theW126-chassis S-Class coupes and sedansof the 1980s. With their tasteful body kits, body-color-matched trim and wheels, and boomingV8 enginestreated tostroker cranks,twin-cam four-valve cylinder headsand other goodies, these full-size sex kittens were as much a symbol of status and/or a successful narcotics vending operation as any whale-tailedPorscheor Venetian-blind-sidedFerrari.

Kahren Arakelyan, who was exposed to high-po Mercs as a boy in then-Soviet-controlled Armenia by his father (who managed to import aW116-chassis 450 SEL 6.9), is one of a handful of enthusiasts in America (if not the world) still rocking an AMG-tuned W126 – specifically a1989 560 SEC– in 2013. But if you ask us – and we’ll admit to being biased – Arakelyan’s 560 SEC doesn’t look all that dated. And the noise it makes…oh baby, that noise…

Source: YouTube