Fuel Open World Racing Game Release Is Imminent

Fuel Racing Game

Fuel is built on an open world platform and should be a solid arcade style racing game to round out your collection of octane sports. It offers the world’s largest racing environment created from satellite data and benefits from some cutting edge technology. You can pretty much go wherever you want using multitudes of all terrain vehicles 24 hours a day. The elements also come in to play with tornados, sandstorms, blizzards and snow to keep things interesting. Basically, the competition takes the form of checkpoint races, circuit races and raid races. Every vehicle has built-in GPS with a head’s up display with real time routing information.

Release dates have been a little bit of a moving target but here’s what we know. It looks like the UK version for the PS3 and XBOX will be available June 5th, with the PC version coming out shorly thereafter. In the US, Gamestop is still listing June 2nd as the release date while Amazon is sticking with the original date of May 26th. In any case, the game should be available sometime within the next week. It’s pretty amazing that Codemasters has been able to keep within the original window of release dates based on the aggressive task they set out to accomplish. Check out the video trailer and image gallery after the jump:

Source: Fuel Game | Joystiq