Custom Toyota Cressida Wagon

Fudging Awesome: Aleks Efremov’s Delicious Toyota Cressida Wagon [Video]

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Today,Toyotaoffers a whole herd of peoplemovers (SUVs,crossoversand the quite niceSienna minivan) in the U.S. market. However, none of them can really be consideredstation wagons. Yes, we know, thePrius Vis kinda sorta awagon, butToyota’s PR peeps literally wretch at the use of the word (Then again, the same is true of the spokescritters of most automakers selling wagonoid creations on these shores.), and really, in most parts of the country, no member of the Prius family truly qualifies as mainstream (at least not yet).

So you can imagine how conflicted we felt when we stumbled upon the above video ofAleks Efremov’s spectacular brown custom1986 Cressida Wagon. On the one hand, we’re hopelessly in love with its boxy styling, bang-on-the-mark stance and wheel choice, and straight-six/rear-drive layout. On the other hand, we resent it because there’s currently nothing quite like it at a similar price point being offered in this market today. Damn our foolish compatriots and their phobia toward wagons!

Source: Vimeo