Roadkill “Pigpen” 1950 GMC pickup

Friday Matinee: Roadkill Rescues a 1950 GMC from its Junkyard Purgatory


There are countless reasons to love Roadkill on YouTube. But perhaps the biggest reason to be a fan of the show is the way hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan give seemingly hopeless hoopties a new lease on life. General Mayhem, the Draguar and Blasphemi were just some of the project cars in various states of incompleteness and/or forlornness, waiting to disintegrate back into the earth’s crust from whence the steel they’re made from came before Messrs. F and F swooped in to give them thumping new V8 leases on life.

However, none of those abovementioned projects had been sitting outside in a Fresno junkyard (which we really, really want to visit) for at least 26 years. The featured vehicle in this episode – a 1950 GMC pickup the guys christened Pigpen – was doing exactly that. But while resurrecting this classic GMC hauler (made at a time when the brand’s wares not only had different grilles and trim parts than their Chevrolet counterparts, but also a totally different family of inline-six engines) proved to be a bit easier than most prior Roadkill builds (perhaps too easy, as it turned out), the guys’ efforts were no less noble.