MotorTrend Best Driver’s Car 2013 contenders

Friday Matinee: MotorTrend Best Driver’s Car 2013 [Video]

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There are numerous things that go into making a car a good“driver’s car”: Engine response. Steering feel. Braking ability. And good old fashioned confidence that you won’t go sailing into trees when you hot dog it into a corner. As a result, there’s a veritable mile-long buffet of new vehicles that could conceivably be called driver’s cars.

Consequently, the folks atMotorTrendhold an annual event to determine the best driver’s car from that year’s crop of new or significantly-updated sporty cars. Sadly, some invitees weren’t able to make it this year (theCorvette Stingraychief among them), but 12 thrill rides – ranging from a humbleFord hot hatchto a staggeringsupercarfromMercedes-Benz AMG(who also sent astation wagon; astation wagon!) – were subjected to the magazine’s on-road and on-road testing regimen. So clear your schedule for the next 77 minutes, pop some popcorn, and see how each of the combatants fared (and which one emerged victorious).

Source: YouTube