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Friday Matinee: Following Audi at Le Mans with Truth in 24 II: Every Second Counts [Video]

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A while back, we compileda list of ten documentariesevery gearhead should watch at least once. A good many viewers of that list would probably argue that there were at least two glaring omissions:Truth in 24andTruth in 24 II: Every Second Counts. Both were produced byNFL Films, both were narrated by actorJason Statham, and both chronicledAudi Sport’s sojurn at the24 Hours of Le Mans; the first film covers the 2008 race, and the sequel was shot during the 2011 event.

So with the 2013 running of the iconic French endurance race happening this weekend, we figured why not postTruth in 24 II: Every Second Countsfor your viewing pleasure? It’s an absolute treat to relive the battle betweenAudiandPeugeot, though we have to wonder ifToyotawill be able to put up as much of a fight this year asPeugeotdid two years ago. Moreover, how will Audi’s corporate cousins atPorschefare when they make their top-level prototype comeback next year? Sounds like 2014 would be a great year to shootTruth in 24 III

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