Frauscher 1414 Demon Yacht Will Possess Your Attention [w/ Video]

While certainly not as swanky as a the floating mansions of the superyacht and megayacht realms, regular, moderately-sized motor yachts are still aspirational objects for many people when and if their ship comes in (Hey, given the amount of restraint we generally show toward going for easy/terrible puns, we deserve to be able to throw one in now and then.). And Austrian yacht builder Frauscher’s latest cabin cruiser provides a multitude of compelling reasons why you should be aspiring to own one.

The Frauscher 1414 Demon, as this rakish boat is called, measures 46 feet in length from its flat bow and vertical stem (which can be fitted with an optional bow thruster for even more marvelous maneuverability) to its bathing-platform-topped stern. A pair of standard 400 horsepower or optional 520 horsepower inboard engines (fed fresh air by carbon fiber clad scoops) live beneath the large sunbathing platform, while the area below decks boasts a bathroom, kitchenette, lounge area and sleeping accommodations for up to four. For a base price of roughly $843,000, what more do you want in an “entry level” motor yacht?

Source: Frauscher Boats