Fox Marketing’s Nissan Juke-S is Our New Orange Crush

Fox Marketing Nissan Juke-S front 3/4 view

We’re not going to lie: The Nissan Juke is growing on us. Yes, we much, much prefer hatchbacks and station wagons to crossovers, but the Juke’s adventurous, Honeybadger-don't-give-a-bleep styling and turbocharged kick are saying all the right things to us. We don’t need to run out and buy one, obviously, but we’ve come to appreciate it, and aren’t as willing as some to put it in the same boat as Nissan’s other controversial crossover, the Murano CrossCabriolet (The day we see one of those $46k turkeys in the wild with non-dealer or manufacturer plates is the day we either buy a lotto ticket or start constructing an apocalypse shelter. Probably both.).
And the Juke-R? We’d rock that 365 days a year were it not, you know, an exercise in engineering whimsy of which only two were built. But there will soon be a hot rod Juke you can buy, but it’s not being bankrolled by Nissan, nor does it involve stuffing a GT-R’s muscles underneath. That doesn’t make it any less desirable, though.

Fox Marketing Nissan Juke-S rear 3/4 view
Created by Fox Marketing (which is neither part of Uncle Rupert’s empire nor a marketing firm) and christened the Juke-S, these renderings of this bewildered-looking beastie show a brawny body kit with new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and rear spoiler. There are also side window visors, and the whole thing rides on 20” wheels and (except for the roof) is painted in a hue BASF calls Foxy Orange.
But Fox Marketing wasn’t content to endow the Juke-S with more show and leave the go alone. To that end, they’ve fitted a new turbocharger and intercooler that is expected to elevate the 1.6L turbo four-banger’s output from 188hp to somewhere in the neighborhood of 400hp. To keep all that added mojo from making a mess, the stock brakes are being replaced with dinner-plate-grade 14” rotors that will be clamped upon by six-piston calipers. And, not surprisingly, the Juke-S is based on an AWD Juke.
No word on when Fox Marketing will have the Juke-S ready to be shown in-the-metal, but we’re guessing that will happen in the next couple months. We suggest Fox Marketing set a target date for the unveiling and hand out advent calendars, because we’re waiting for that day with the kind of excitement we used to reserve for Christmas.
Source: Fox Marketing