Fostla BMW 550i (F10) front 3/4 view

Fostla BMW 550i is a Sweet M5 Stand-in

Fostla BMW 550i (F10) front 3/4 view

The latest F10-chassis BMW M5 is one of the most super of super sedans, but the car on which it’s based – the 550i – is by no means a slug. It does, after all, use a milder version of the M5’s 4.4L twin-turbo V8 (now rated at a very perky 445 horsepower and 480 lb.-ft of torque) and teams it with a smooth-like-buttah ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. Oh, and unlike M GmbH’s take on the F10 platform, the 550i is available with BMW’s xDrive AWD system, so you can actually use it during this time of year without having to treat the gas pedal like a land mine trigger pad.

Fostla BMW 550i (F10) rear 3/4 view

Of course, the automotive aftermarket offers plenty of parts to make the range-topping “underachiever” 5er as unruly as you like, and it looks like Fostla has fitted a lot of those parts to the car you see here. Naturally, being a Fostla creation, there’s a vinyl wrap adorning the exterior (as well as a funky modern art pattern covering the interior trim), but there’s also a set of 20” wheels (finished in taupe to match the wrap) from Yido Performance and a set of lowering springs from H&R that drops the ride height by 1.4”.

Fostla BMW 550i (F10) side view

In terms of underhood enhancements, Fostla decided to go with a power kit from the stutter-tastically-named PP-Performance. The roughly $5,200 kit (consisting of an ECU remap and a low-restriction exhaust system) allows the turbo V8 to tickle the dyno to the tune of 562 horsepower and 590 lb.-ft of torque, gains of 2 and 90 over the M5. That should be enough to get you moving in a massive hurry; of course, at about $18,800 installed for the whole shebang, it bloody well ought to be…

Source: Fostla

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