Ford GT Supercar Race Drive

Why the Ford GT Is the Supercar You Need

When you picture the word “supercar,” a street-legal sports car isn’t what usually comes to mind. Supercars are designed for one thing — power. And to get that power, manufacturers often need to bend a few rules and carefully ride the line between what is street legal and what isn’t. 

That is one of the things that makes the Ford GT such a unique beast. If you can afford the price tag, you could drive the GT to work just as you do on the track. Why is the Ford GT the supercar you need?

Ford GT Supercar Full Speed

The Heart of the Beast

You might expect to see a tuned V-8 when you lift the GT’s hood. That’s what you’d assume to find at the heart of a powerful beast like this, but Ford has changed the supercar narrative. Instead of a V-8, the Ford GT has a stunningly tuned twin-turbo 3.5-liter Ecoboost V-6. This is similar to the engine you’ll find under the hood of the F-150 Raptor that might hit showroom floors next year.

Ford engineers have managed to create a V-6 that generates a whopping 660 horsepower with 550 pound-feet of torque. With that kind of power plus the superior aerodynamics of the GT’s body, this supercar can jump from zero to 60 in three seconds and manage a quarter-mile in 10.8 seconds.

Ford GT Supercar Engine

From Road to Race in a Flash

Anyone who has made the transition from road to track knows there is a massive difference between the two. There’s a reason why most cars aren’t designed for those top-speed conditions. Even your average sedan sits too high to comfortably take corners at high speeds. The GT solves that problem with fantastic innovation. Twist a dial and confirm the change, and the GT drops two inches and deploys its rear wing to get ready for the track.

The GT’s transition to Track mode is one of the fastest in the industry, but that isn’t the only driving mode you get to take advantage of behind the wheel of this supercar. According to Ford, you also have Normal mode for everyday driving, Wet mode for when the skies open up, Sport mode to keep you clinging to the road at top speeds and V-Max for maximum acceleration. Choose the one that best suits your situation and driving style. 

Minimalism at Its Finest

The GT isn’t a car you’ll want to bring home if you need to cart the kids to school or go grocery shopping. This supercar’s interior is minimalism at it’s finest. Instead of allowing the driver to adjust the seat to their comfort, the driver’s seat is fixed and the pedals and steering wheel move instead. You’ve also got a gorgeous fully digital display for your gauges. 

Ford GT Supercar Race Track

The GT has an infotainment system, but it’s not as fancy as what you’d find in some modern Ford sedans. It might even feel like you’re getting ripped off with the $500,000 price tag, but it’s got all the basics. Those include Ford Sync 3, a 6.5-inch touch screen, phone connectivity and voice commands. It will ensure you’re not getting distracted while you’re behind the wheel. 

One thing the GT is lacking is safety features and driver assistance technology. Since this supercar is part of a low-volume production run, Ford didn’t have to crash test it. They also didn’t have to add all the safety bells and whistles, so make sure you’re driving safely. 

Why You Need It in Your Life

So, if you can afford that whopping price tag, why do you need the Ford GT in your life?

In a nutshell, it’s one of the most powerful street-legal supercars you can own, and it comes from Ford, one of the most well-known and well-loved domestic automotive brands. This company has also been voted as one of the best places to work in the country, so you’d be supporting a business that cares about its employees as much as its customers.

Do you want a supercar that can go from the highway to the track and back again without batting an eye, with all the sleek and sexy lines you could ever hope to see? Then the GT will be your best bet. 

Bringing One Home?

Can you still get your hands on a Ford GT? If you can find one for sale, maybe, but more than 6,500 people went through Ford’s lengthy application process to vie for the 1,000 that were built. You won’t see any 2020s for sale anytime soon — part of the agreement the buyers made was that they have to keep the $500,000 car for at least 24 months. They also have to have a big social media following and drive to as many shows as humanly possible to showcase the cars.

Owning a Ford GT

You might be able to get your hands on an older GT, but if you want a new one, start saving your pennies and building your Twitter following. You’ll need both when it comes time to buy your new ride.